Convera has deployed some of the largest search and retrieval infrastructures in Europe, bringing thousands of people into contact with the information they need within hundreds of Terabytes of corporate data. We base our search and retrieval solutions of standard EIR (Enterprise Information Retrieval) products, search tools capable of providing appropriate accuracy for such large installations.

So, whether you need a better search capability within your Enterprise Portal, Content Management system, Knowledge Management initiative, corporate intranet or email system, we can provide the search accuracy you are probably missing right now. Our standard EIR products also provides leading edge categorization and classification. Today, no company in Europe has a true enterprise categorization system that has been successfully automated. Through Convera�s knowledge of taxonomy design and implementation, together with standard EIR technology, we will be amongst the first to realize true automated categorization, at the enterprise scale.

Todays EIR products puts the power of knowledge behind your information portal by allowing your employees to access your organization�s content using intelligent search technology or to organize that content into categories for browsing. Whether searching or browsing, they are quickly delivered complete, accurate, and relevant information. Enterprise Information Retrieval creates a complete inventory of all your enterprise assets, then enables users to search more than 200 document types on file servers, in groupware systems, relational databases, document management systems, Web servers and more while respecting access rights all from a common user interface. This access is managed by connectors which recognize any changes system-wide and automatically update the search index.

In the enterprise search world, linguistics is important for properly using enterprise search tools in various "natural" languages or for industry-specific language usage. Linguistic features of advanced search engines, coupled with knowledge about the data and the users of the search service, can greatly improve search precision and recall. Not all EIR products support the required linguistic features. Convera has developed many of additional languages (arabic, german, etc.) especially enhancements for language detection, lemmatization, semantic net, taxonomies, tokenization, phrase detections etc.

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